Saturday, July 15, 2006

Some - even many - exhibit awareness, but all too frequently inaction characterizes authority. Here we celebrate the [unfortunately rare] officer and gentleman.

Veteran pleads guilty to vandalizing cars
By ROBERT WELLER, Associated Press Writer Fri Jul 14 2006

DENVER - An Air Force officer pleaded guilty Friday to defacing cars with bumper stickers supporting President Bush, and was given a two-year deferred sentence.

Lt. Col. Alexis Fecteau, a decorated officer who flew 500 combat hours in the Gulf War, Kosovo and Bosnia, pleaded guilty to felony mischief and must pay restitution to the owners of the damaged cars to clear his record. Fecteau, 43, of Colorado Springs, did not speak during the hearing nor comment after it.

Attorney Patrick Mulligan said his client, a 20-year veteran, has submitted his retirement papers. Negotiations are under way to determine at what rank and with what benefits he will be retired.
Mulligan said he will work with other lawyers to determine how much must be paid in restitution.
Mulligan said the plea agreement "affords Lt. Col. Fecteau the opportunity to get back on track," noting his record will be cleared in two years if he stays out of trouble.
Fecteau originally faced 13 charges for defacing vehicles at the Denver airport from January to July 2005. Fecteau admitted to investigators he had vandalized cars starting around the time of the November 2004 election, but pleaded guilty to a single charge of criminal mischief that named all 13 victims.
Fecteau blacked out pro-Bush bumper stickers and then spray-painted an expletive over them.
After the charges became public, Fecteau was removed as director of operations for reserve forces at the National Security Space Institute at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.
[end citation]

That immediate area may be characterized by a noted cluster of CIA executive-retirees [certainly including Richard Celeste, now President of Colorado College but ex-Director of the Peace Corps from when Allard Lowenstein brought AIDS to Africa and singularly destroyed the 'bread basket' of that troubled continent with support for the Mugabe regime], and guys like FBI conceptual spy Robert Hanssen in Florence - noting Hanssen didn't really do it and took a framed fall apparently coordinated by Louis Freeh. Getting into strange issues with Opus Dei and a certain amount of orchestration with Vatican-ties.
At least since 'face transplant' procedures and issues have received widespread publicity there's been speculation Lowenstein and for that matter Allen Dulles never really died; their location or 'access' to that community is probably fairly immediate and we don't know if that immediacy is technology-based or a matter of physical proximity. Fecteau might be living down the street from those guys and sick of their ****.
Anyway, whether Fecteau's actions were based on his particular situational awareness unique to his work environment or a more general discontent with George W. Bush [by extension George H.W. Bush and James A. Baker III] he is honored here.

[If the Air Force passed a hat around the Pentagon, I wonder how much they'd get]
[Versus how much they'd get passing a hat around the NRO]
[Versus hasty cash stuffed in the guy's mailbox because people are scared the CIA would be trying to watch the hat contributions]


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